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Helping Neve Yerushalayim Alumnae find their shidduch

Steps to Find Your Bashert

The NeveKesher shidduch process is created to make the dating process as simple, quick and personalized as it can be.
Using our unique match technology, we help Neve Yerushalyim alumnae and friends from around the world to find their bashert.

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A Dedicated Shadchan To Help You Meet Your Bashert

NeveKesher Shadchanim search, select & send shidduch suggestions to you, creating an easy & efficient way to meet your bashert

Your shadchan will get to know you beyond your profile, and provide advice throughout the shidduch process.

Become our next Shidduch Success

The NeveKesher unique Jewish matchmaking system helps many Jewish singles of all ages & locations to find their bashert

NeveKesher brings couples together with the help of experienced shadchanim and dedicated mentors.

Whether you are new to the Jewish dating process, a single parent, widowed or divorced - NeveKesher is here to help you find your bashert.